Health Awareness

SURGE is made to give you lots of energy for your day. Here are some tips to help you use SURGE safely and get the most from it:

Please be advised that while we wish everyone could enjoy the energy boost from SURGE, we recommend that people under 16, pregnant or nursing moms, and those sensitive to caffeine not use it for now.

SURGE is all about empowering you, but if you're managing heart or arterial health concerns, it's best to consult your healthcare provider before incorporating SURGE into your routine.

Remember that hydration is essential during your workouts. Balance your SURGE intake with water, especially when you're exercising.

Drinking too much SURGE might affect your sleep. We all know a good night's sleep is vital, so even though it's tempting, try to limit your daily SURGE intake to two cans.

Each SURGE can contains 30mg of caffeine per 100ml - the perfect balance to keep your day shining bright without going overboard.

With SURGE, you don't need wings. Make every moment count and seize your day with SURGE!